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Georgian Language Leaning Brief Description


To meet International demand of those who are interested in learning basics of Georgian language the Fund LANA developed the course of Georgian language available through Internet. The e-Learning team comprises members of experienced professionals who will guide you through the all stages of the course, will provide technical consultancy, send you assignments, check your home work and assure successful learning process. You will be able to contact them during the period you stay with us.

Georgian Language Distance Learning Course designed for English speaking absolute beginners to develop the ability to communicate in Georgian with other Georgian speakers. Integrates the skills of listening to, speaking and reading Georgian, and also to a lesser extent writing.
It teaches about nouns and verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and much more. By the end of the course, students will have a good basic command and understanding of written and spoken Georgian.

The course is supplemented by a variety of oral (audio) and written material. It also is equipped with Tool Kit that works under MS ACCESS 2000 and later. It will allow students to practice in different issues (alphabet, grammar etc.) and to take exams and to send exam "paper" automatically via Internet to a tutor. Results will be uploaded onto central computer system and reviewed by a tutor. The MS ACCESS tool is not available for Macintosh users. Thus, Macintosh users should do their exercises and exams in writing or printing using word processor but not automated system which checks the work and provides with results and advice instantly. The Macintosh users should send their work by Email to their tutor, while PC users will have less communications with their tutor. Write us if you need Windows XP and Office XP.

The full Georgian Language Distance Learning Course will last 12 months. The course comprises 4 stages. Each stage contains 3 units. Each stage lasts about 6-12 weeks depending on your activity. We have maximally taken into account specific difficulties (here we basically mean complex construction of Georgian verb, declension of nouns, adjectives, pronounce, proper names, numerals, formation of singular and plural, categories of tenses) for foreign students when studying Georgian language. We also tried to simplify and at the same time to fully provide foreign students with basics of grammar which is necessary for Georgian language good command.

Each unit is equipped with grammar lessons, a number of listening (audio) texts (supported by audio files in wma format) and reading texts. Each Unit contains at least one comprehension exercise and one vocabulary exercise. In addition, there is a wealth of other exercises:

  • grammar;
  • listening;
  • writing;
  • speaking.

On the completion of each stage an exam will be offered to students. The exams determine the level of a student's success in language course. Thus students have a possibility to make their mind whether to take the next stage of study and burden additional expenses or just give up and satisfy with the knowledge obtained from previous stage. Another reason is to make decision on whether to jump into the intermediate stage instead of starting from the very beginning. Upon this decision a student should pay a fee for entering the desired stage of the language course but stipulated that if he feels on the later stage that he overestimated his ability to take that particular stage of the course he would be offered to pay for the lower stage and take it. The previous payment is not refundable and will only be accepted when a student would graduate from previous stage and will wish again to take that initial stage that he had already paid for before shifting to lower stage. And, of course, if a student who entered the course, received all the methodological and training materials will not be refunded when decided to terminate participation (study) in Georgian Language Distance Learning Course by any reason.

The completion of the first stage will give the student independent writing and reading habits. He will obtain knowledge of Georgian grammar basics (formation of grammatical number, declension of nouns, conjugation of verbs etc.) needed for speaking and conversational phrases of modern Georgian language, system of counting, and learn 200-300 Georgian words. On the completion of the stage an exam will be offered to students.

On the completion of the second stage students are supposed to enrich their knowledge of phases (e.g. time indication) and words. They will be able to transfer independently verb in several tenses that is rather difficult in Georgian language and need a lot of practice. The emphasis will be given to audio exercises complemented with texts that will give the ability of carrying out of conversation and communication with Georgian speaking person. On the completion of the stage an exam will be offered to students.

On the third stage the emphasis will be given to working on texts. Students will be taught a simplified variant of system of formation of Georgian verb tenses and categories. They will get the general concept on Georgian language structure and peculiarity in comparison with other languages. Their reserve of Georgian words and phrases will increase sufficiently. On the completion of the stage an exam will be offered to students.

On the fourth stage the emphasis will be given to specific elements of Georgian oral language and accompanied with relevant texts. Students will be offered specially selected articles from newspapers and magazines. They will be synchronized with audio files. On the stage completion the students are supposed to read independently non-specific small size literature pieces, newspaper articles. The students will be able to speak good literature Georgian on average level on any general topic.

Whilst some exercises are self-correcting, the majority are sent to the tutor, who gives individually tailored feedback online. The tutor is also available to answer any questions you may have (Ask An Expert feature).
A comprehensive training methodology document will tell you all you need to know about using all the learning documents. This will be sent to you together with the course book and other documents when you will be on the rolls. There is also extensive online Help through Ask An Expert tool.

The course fee for individuals is USD 115 for each separate stage (first, second or third), and USD 165 for the fourth stage that should be paid in the beginning of each stage. If you buy 3 stages together (and do not need the fourth stage) we will provide you with 25% discount and you will have to pay USD 258. If you pay for three stages in full or USD 345 you will get the firth stage which costs USD 165 for free and you will save USD 165 which in fact makes 33% discount. Please, write to me if wish to buy more then one stage at once. You can buy the course here.

The textbooks, study guides, workbooks, course syllabus will be sent after payment receiving and in the beginning of each unit.

After completion of the whole course and successful pass of writing exam (submitted on-line via Internet) the Graduate Certificate of Georgian Language Course will be sent to a student via ordinary mail (will arrive within 1 month) or via A-class mail (DHL, FeDex etc., will arrive within 5 working days) for an additional fee - about USD 35 (depending on the home country of the graduate).

Meeting Student Needs

To function effectively, students must quickly become comfortable with the nature of teaching and learning at a distance. To motivate and meet the needs of the students, in terms of both content and preferred learning styles the following strategies are implemented by us:

  • Assist students in becoming both familiar and comfortable with the delivery technology, installation of Georgian fonts and keyboard driver and other computer hardware facilities and software needed for carrying out proposed learning process.
  • Provide students with textbooks, study guides, workbooks, course syllabi off-line (in MS Word or Acrobat Reader, format PDF files) through Internet.
  • Provide students with audio files off-line or on-line in Microsoft Windows Audio Media format.
  • Arrange communication tools that will support your study - Discussion Group and Ask Your Instructor. Discussion Group will create a friendly environment for a group of students and to pool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will help other students in their activities.
  • Organize a system of receiving of your home-work off-line, checking it and sending instructor's resumes back to you. This is the most efficient way to arrange a real interconnectivity and create an auditorium environment that normally lacks the distance education systems.
  • Organize a system of online bestseller Georgian e-books with audio possibilities (Microsoft Windows Audio Media format).
  • Computer requirements for this distance learning course include:
  • Computer of any brand and capacity as a self-contained teaching machine to present individual lessons. Computer must be equipped with modem and access to Internet. Computer must be provided with Audio Card and loudspeakers. A microphone to arrange real time audio conferences and deliver your speech to an instructor through Internet (on-line or off-line) is an option. A printer is a must.
  • Hardware and software requirements: PC or Macintosh computer, any type of Internet browser, MS Word 2000, MS ACCESS 2000 for PC, access to Internet.

Language Course Entry Requirements:

A desire to learn the language.

Remember - the students must take an active role in the distance delivered course by independently taking responsibility for their learning.

We would like to know more about students' backgrounds and experiences. It will help us to adjust our course to your perception level that will finally increase the efficiency of your study.

Background Information on Distance Learning Course

The course program, which started in April 2002 is currently running and you can join us any time you decide. There is no last date for roll on. Payment will be requested before each stage of the Course. For payment details, please send an e-mail to Dr. Teimuraz Kancheli. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate stating that you have successfully completed the course.

For more information contact Dr. Teimuraz Kancheli.

Educational institutions and other organizations interested in using the course for larger groups of students should contact Dr. Teimuraz Kancheli.

You can purchase the course here. You can also listen to the nice Georgian melodies here. It will improve your Georgian.


Attention: For our users who have already purchased the GLDL course!
We have improved the quality of the first stage audio files, upgraded and converted all stages into sylfaen font. Files are available for download for all First stage participants who have already purchased the course upon request. New files are also included in the GLDL course package which is offered for users since January 20, 2009. Some minor changes has been made in October, 2011. We also offer new version of the course for MAC users. It is available from March 2008. Old users could download relevant files. Since the links to files have changed please write to me to get new ones.

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