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Georgian Language Distance Learning Course
We are in service since 2002

Welcome to the homepage of the e-Learning. The e-Learning Team has the specific remit to inform and enable the development and delivery of high-quality learning and teaching supported by computerised e-learning technologies.

With extensive experience in off-line learning and teaching, we have set up a new consultancy, education training and development online, dedicated to the needs of our external clients. Contact us for more information.

Our service provides tutor-supported courses in Georgian as Foreign Language (No Qualification mode) to learners (English speaking) from all over the world. Prior knowledge of Georgian is not expected.

Do not believe in statements of some language courses that they will teach you Georgian in a couple of days or weeks. Georgian is quite complicated language which doesn't have similarities with any other language - neither in pronunciation nor in writing. There are some words which are common for languages used in our geographical location - Caucasus, Western Asia (Turkey, Iran). But it is useless for the most of you.

We think that we managed to find the balance between the efficiency of teaching (which reifies in final results) and complexity of study which is usually connected with time allocation and personal abilities. The efficiency of teaching is grounded on relatively easy lessons with: a) minimum grammar provision, supported by two-way (you listen to the text and write down it; and you read and record your speech for further corrections) audio lessons; b) computer-based (MS Access software) applications designed for your individual training provision and c) regular contacts with your tutor who will guide you through the whole course. Please, get more information here.

Please note - access to distance learning facility does not need registration.


Attention: For our users who have already purchased the GLDL course!
We have improved the quality of the first stage audio files, upgraded and converted all stages into sylfaen font. Files are available for download for all First stage participants who have already purchased the course upon request. New files are also included in the GLDL course package which is offered for users since January 20, 2009. Some minor changes has been made in October, 2011. We also offer new version of the course for MAC users. It is available from March 2008. Old users could download relevant files. Since the links to files have changed please write to me to get new ones.

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